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ProAc Speakers

ProAc Signature Tablette 10 in fabulous Tiger Ebony finish. You will be amazed at the sound quality of these small speakers. They disappear, you are looking for real instruments and performers! Pro tip: Pair these with the PS Audio Sprout 100 for big system sound in any environment. 

Harbeth Speakers

Harbeth Super HL5 Plus Walnut Finish Anniversary Edition - These speakers deliver exceptional depth and detail. 

Harbeth P3ESR  Olive Wood Anniversary Edition - Brand new and in the box, ready to go home with you!

PS Audio - Full purchase price trade-in program!*

  • Sprout 100 - high quality sound in any environment - bedroom, kitchen, office, dorm room, cabin, the possibilities are endless.
  • BHK Signature Preamplifier - one of the best preamps on the market today.
  • DirectStream DAC - the gold standard in DAC technology, hand built in the USA.
  • PerfectWave CD/DVD Player - Perfect compliment to any system - removes all digital sound limitations.
  • NuWave Phono Preamplifier (limited availability

*trade-in program offers up to full original purchase price, call or email for details.

Bob Carver

Bob Carver Crimson 350 Monoblock Amplifiers - Amazing sound direct from the legendary Bob Carver. Incredible depth, clarity, and realism. 

Sweet Vinyl/SugarCube

We have the brand new SC2 model Sugarcube ready for your audition. Don’t throw away your favorite scratched album, let the SugarCube play it with perfect clarity.

Audio Accessories/Furniture in our Listening Rooms

Quadraspire SVT Fine Audio Racks - We proudly use Quadraspire racks. Configurable for any need or decor, every performance needs a stage. 

Skylan Stands - Built in Canada, Skylan makes a variety of stands that perfect for any monitor. 

Our Brands

Bob Carver


The world's most reliable amps and speakers designed by a legend and handbuilt in the USA for each individual customer. 

Price and Availability

Harbeth Speakers


Experience the world's most natural sounding speakers. 

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For the discerning listener, handcrafted in the UK.

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Got Vinyl? Then you need the amazing sugarcube. The brand new Sugarcube makes pops and cracks a thing of the past - let your vinyl sing.

Price and Availability

PS Audio


Offering high-end home music reproduction, amplification, and power systems designed, engineered and built in the USA. Available for online purchase. 

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Rega Turntables


Beautiful, sonic, and accessible turntables that are hand-built in the UK. Award winning products that combine terrific value  and affordability.

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Featured Product of the Month


Sugarcube - Got Vinyl? You NEED this!

Our featured product of the month is the Sugarcube produced by Sweet Vinyl. We saw the Sugarcube at AXPONA and immediately knew we had to bring it to Cincinnati. 

If you love vinyl, you must hear the Sugarcube. It removes all the clicks and pops so all you hear is clear, clean sound. It does not damage your vinyl or degrade the sound. If you move up to the SC-2 model, you can rip your own albums.

Give us a call or email, we are the first in Cincinnati to partner with Sugarcube and we're positive that you will like what you hear (or don't hear in this case!!)

We're the Best Value & Service in Cincy

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It's very simple - we promise to treat every customer the way we want to be treated. Our goal is to help our customers get the components they want at a reasonable price.

Other Services

We offer Turntable setup, cartridge calibration & system design. We have partnerships to offer acoustical panels, stands & racks, cables, and other accessories.

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We are dedicated to bringing our customers the best hi-fidelity components at competitive prices. We offer personalized service and we present our products in a comfortable environment. We are proud to be the tri-states only authorized dealer for Bob Carver, Harbeth, and ProAc loudspeakers. Note: We will not sell Harbeth or ProAc speakers in areas where there is already a dealer. 

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