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Bob Carver


The world's most reliable amps and speakers designed by a legend and hand built in the USA for each individual customer. 

Harbeth Speakers


Harbeth has refined the BBC speaker legacy by creating loudspeakers that are renowned worldwide for their unbeatable clarity. Experience the world's most natural sounding speakers. 



For the discerning listener, every ProAc speaker is handcrafted in the UK. Unsurpassed build quality with a response range that is the epitome of high-end sound.

Chord Cables

Chord cables hi-fi performance best

 Chord Company has been designing, building award-winning  audio and video cables in England since 1985. Cables are a vital part of any system. The correct interconnect, power or speaker cable can transform the  experience and enhance the pleasure of your favorite music or movies. 



 Quadraspire features finely crafted modular furniture systems that can be designed to fit any application or decor.   The concept is simple, well-made audio furniture that looks appealing and heightens the  performance of HiFi audio systems.   

Rega Turntables


Beautiful, sonic, and accessible turntables that are hand-built in the UK. Award winning products that combine terrific value  and affordability.

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We are dedicated to bringing our customers the best hi-fidelity components at competitive prices. We offer personalized service and we present our products in a comfortable environment. We are proud to be the tri-states only authorized dealer for Bob Carver, Harbeth, and ProAc loudspeakers. Note: We will not sell Harbeth or ProAc speakers in areas where there is already a dealer. 

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High-end audio has become cost-prohibitive. We offer fair prices and great service to help our customer realize their audio dreams.

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