Rega Turntables

Rega Planar 1


The Rega Planar 1 provides a listening experience that is well beyond its price. With included tonearm and stylus, it sets up in seconds but enjoyed for a lifetime.

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Rega Planar 2


Newly designed with so many upgrades! Every feature of this innovative new turntable is designed to extract the maximum amount of information and detail from your vinyl collection. Includes tonearm and cartridge so it sets up in seconds.

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Rega RP78


The single speed RP78 has been designed to achieve outstanding performance designed to exceed your expectations  Excellent build quality, reliability and ease of use combine to make a product which will offer you a lifetime of musical enjoyment. 

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Rega Accessories


We also offer the full line of Rega phono-stages, cartridges, and accessories. Call or email for pricing, we are happy to help you find what you need. Many customers contact us to help them find parts!

Made in England


Over the past 40 years Rega has built quality audio products at their manufacturing facility in Essex, England. Rega is known for their excellent build quality, long life and amazing value.