Harbeth Loudspeakers

Harbeth P3-ESR


Amazing clarity from shoebox sized speakers The ultimate mini-monitors with the clean clear sound that is the signature of Harbeth. Call or email for price and availability. 

Harbeth Compact 7ES3


An all around satisfying loudspeaker. The 7ES3 features fantastic micro-resolution and and electrifying clear presentation.Call or email to for price and availability.

Harbeth Monitor 30.1/30.2


The Reference sound standard. Outstanding clarity and controlled bass bring music to life in a wide range of  listening environments  

Call or email for price and availability.

Harbeth Super HL5 Plus


The model that launched Harbeth is still renowned for its big, beautiful sound. Call or email for price and availability.

Harbeth Monitor 40.2


With a mesmerising and addictive presentation, Harbeth’s flagship produces a grand, dynamic and unforgettable sonic experience. 

Call or email fro price and availability.  

About Harbeth


Born in the research department of the BBC over forty years ago, a handful of talented engineers conceived and undertook the world's most comprehensive and sustained loudspeaker investigation project. Their contribution to driving-up the standard of hi-fi speakers was and remains immense. Today, Harbeth speakers are still made in the U.K to the same exacting standards under the direction of Alan Shaw.